ViaWork 2050

TEAM: Karolina Kielb and Iman Mohd-Hadzhalie

A high volume of commuters spend hours travelling to work, with the average commute being 54 minutes, one way. The commute puts a strain on the number of people entering city centres as well as increasing the demand for office spaces, that could otherwise be utilised for housing.

The concept of ViaWork is inspired by the advancement of self driving cars and public transport. We propose a different take on transport – one that serves as a mobile office.

With ViaWork, you manage your time and route. You begin and end work whenever you please, and whenever works best for you. Doctor appointments, school pick ups and grocery shopping, can be slotted into your working day as extra pin locations. This allows for a greater work-life balance for its users and therefore, happier and more efficient workers.

Gone are the days of cramped commutes and transport delays – simply step outside of your house and work, via work.

The city and the office a lost connection

TEAM: Roxana Palade, Cristina Ciosa, Dragos Mircea Nistor
Nationality: Romanian
Institution: Archikiddos


The answer to your office anxiety lies with your baker.
The relationship between people and their office environment is flawed due to personal
preferences and habits. Some find it too cold or noisy, while others enjoy the fuss of the open
plan. While trying to provide for the overwhelming complexity of human needs, it is now
getting obvious there is no single answer. Some companies go a long way to create complex
buildings with leisure space, eating, child care, and even vast green areas, all combined with
working spaces, in order to offer environments suited for any individual. This is in fact creating
a complex community inside the walls of the corporate office building. We propose office
buildings comprised solely of teamwork spaces, while individual work should be mixed
between the existing functions of the neighborhood. If one prefers silence, why not have work
places rented in the public library? Need to be close to your child? Maybe kindergartens and
schools can have office rooms for young parents. Restaurants, museums, parks, and even
sports facilities can host places for individual retreat, allowing workers to choose what fits
their needs best. In this way, the active work force stays connected with service providers,
contributing to the social life of the city.


TEAM: Victor CT Li
Nationality: Hong Kong, British
Institution: University of Bath


Curiosity | A Giant Learning Machine

People “Think” when they are curious, only through continuous thinking we can keep learning, exploring and stretching the potential of our mind. Thus, a design that can instinctively provokes curiosity shall be able to maximise the efficiency of an office.

To set the scene for the project, I questioned what is the one thing human most curious about? Humans. The urge to close the curiosity gap about ourselves has led us to exploration, discovery and new inventions. How we are fulfilling our curiosity in the present day? We are using Artificial Intelligence to learn about what it is to be human; by creating robots that can act like us and think like us.

Hence, my design is a Giant Learning Machine that allows human to learn about artificial intelligence and simultaneously the AIs are learning from us through observing day to day interaction under the gridded canopy.

Though curiosity do lead humans to evolve, sometime it brings catastrophe to our species. However, to restrain that section of our curious mind would solely postpone the thinking to another time. Thus to accommodate and fulfill this surge of sinister, an underground working space with limited access is proposed to house everything that would be better off kept away from the public.

One day, this Giant Learning Machine may no longer be occupied by human but machines that inherits the mind of ours.

Happy Meter

TEAM: Leonard Mak, Vanessa Yong – Nationality: Malaysian – Institution: LM Studio


Where Job Fulfilment is Put First

Our world where politics, nepotism and favouritism fuel most companies, dissatisfaction eventually ensue among colleagues in our workplace. People put on a masquerade at office, to mask who they are not. They may be good at what they do but unhappy – or vice versa. This creates a disproportional scale of individuals in the society where most potential are hindered or not being unleashed.

Imagine a world where job happiness, satisfaction and productivity are prioritized before monetary.

A wrist band you wear to work that measures your happiness, satisfaction and productivity. You get paid more by having a full bar of these factors, but less with a lower bar rating.

Compare two individuals working on the same task, one could be paid twice the amount of another because he/she truly appreciates and enjoy the job. The motivation is not money, but the idea of getting the best of yourself at a job. In this world, people won’t be looking for the best paying job, but the most satisfying job, and then be rewarded.

Overtime, we will have a society of satisfied workers regardless of job hierarchy. Everyone will fit into a system where they truly belong and be happy with.


TEAM: Jeroen Wijnhorst
Nationality: Dutch
Company: formwillfollow


Mobile out of office workstation, for the ever-busy workaholic

– Quality time with the ones we love is a luxury most of us cannot afford. Now you can fool the unaware passerby into the idea that you’re caring about family while you are working! –


In the sixties futurists predicted that workers need only wait for the year 2000 for their life of leisure to arrive. A week of 31 to as little as 16 hours on-the-job would be reached in 2020 with robots taking over most of the jobs and a lack of meaning in our lives the biggest problem.[1]


Remote work and freelancing in the twenty-first century are indeed increasing chances for freedom and flexibility, turning living rooms and coffee places into modern offices. The only miscalculation of futurists is the effect this actually has on our leisure time.


Smartphones and push-notifications have blurred the lines between work and leisure time. In an ever competitive and permanently online job market not responding in an instant can cost you. If we continue like this technology will only decrease and fragmentize leisure time, making the office of the future something to be carried around permanently.


Work is to sleep

TEAM: Ivan Mellini Italy, Ilaria D’Agostino Italy


Working, now, is just a dream.

“Work is to sleep” is the new revolutionary device for the world of work. Working in crowded and uncomfortable offices, the accumulated stress, the lack of free time will not even be in your worst nightmares. Thanks to “Work is to sleep” your job will be sleeping. The device allows in fact to connect our servers to your neuronal activities and to the accumulations of memory that are in your brain, which the device will use to carry out the work in complete autonomy. It’s very easy to use: just wear it and connect it to your own pc at home; the device will automatically connect to your brain waves when you start sleeping. Each process will be sent to your personal computer and forwarded to the central server and you can check your progress at any time. You can sleep quiet dreams because the device is safe and not at all intrusive, you will wake up relaxed and full of energy, ready for a day full of activities that the classic manual work does not allow you to play.

The day is your time and the night too.

“Work is to sleep” because working, now, is just a dream.


TEAM: Shih-DA Tseng , Tzu-Wei Hua , Yi-Hui Guo , Yung-Wen Tseng ,
Samuel Tieh Sieng Seng
Taiwan, Malaysia(Samuel)


Import “workertainment”

Import “workertainment”

Y1 = Nowadays

if time = Y1

X1= employed

X2= unemployed

while X1 {

awake ( ) ;

work ( ) ;

if time = 6 p.m. :

job done( )

your own time = min }


else :

heavy workload ( )

work overtime ( )

My own time.reduced ( ) ;

continue }

while X2 {

awake ( );

If time = 11 a.m. :

varies activities ( )

my own time = max }


else :

no income ( )

tough life ( )

worthless ( )

Y2 = Transformation

If time = Y2

X3= self employed

while X3 {

awake ( );

If time = optional :

activities = productivity ( )

productivity = income ( )

income = work ( )

work = life ( )

And we don’t need offices anymore.

We can work in any place

SUM = random ( all results )

Print (SUM)

—– system output ——


print (“Hello New World”)


TEAM: Pietro Zandonella Maiucco _ Italy _ IUAV,
Eugenio Gervasio _ Italy,
Marta Battocchio _ Italy _ IUAV


No matter where you are, but where you wanna be 

Picture you’re in a room, in your office, that you can relate with the same people, see same things, hear your colleagues talking and laughing, being in daily situation.

Imagine seeing, on the usual desk, the old photo of the Caribbean vacation of three years ago, a beautiful sunset, far away and attractive at the same time, almost immersive, next to the small cactus that take care every day … suddenly, a colleague calls you, look up and realize that the walls around you have vanished, disappeared, leaving room for that beautiful landscape!

Freelens is a technology that will allow you to live the same experience as above, will allow you to break down the physical walls of the rooms, leaving space to a completely imagined and editable reality, which will allow you to feel in a perfect place, built “ad hoc” from yourself to yourself.

By transferring electro pulses directly to your brain, it will create around you an “immersive cerebral reality” in which normal waves and frequencies that surround us are multiplied and modified by the brain to recreate, beyond the usual monotonous walls, landscapes and breathtaking sensation without no physical limits.

Choose the right place and free your creativity!


Collective Thought

Hymnal of a Lost Intelligence

If true thought originates within the classical philosophy of Socrates and the decedents, then its perpetuation lends itself to be carried by their contemporaries. Timothy Morton posits thought or intelligence as a thing in itself, with embedded definitions and biases. Should an artificial intelligence be tested against a human and it be blindly deemed the human, we then must understand the system within our current definition of a human. Data collection perpetuates the role of artificial intelligence, in consumption and learning of raw data. If prior periods are any indication of future events, we will lean on faith of some kind to solve for the current unknowns, allowing a religious presence to blossom within data collection and learning.

Intelligence will be outsourced to the machines, but only in the sense that it will be a luxury to obtain certain synthesized forms of raw data from them. Current offices are trending toward dispersal and decentralization, meaning the offices are based primarily on data stored in servers. These servers are now being distributed and decentralized to provide heating in private residences. If a religious fetishization of the machine intelligence blossoms, our return to ornament and craftsmanship should return with it. This ornament may be replaced with server housing to fill the poche. This contemporary office space tracks toward consumption of raw intelligence as a means of economic prosperity, merging with the religious symbolism we are currently used to.


TEAM: Rachel Neu
United States of America
Tulane University


Designing for the 24 hours cycle

One in three Americans, an estimated 83.6 million adults, suffers from sleep deprivation getting less than the recommended seven hours of minimum nightly sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, mental distress, coronary heart disease and early death. A prescribed work day and pressure to meet deadlines lead to impaired sleep quality and duration. The light-dark cycle around which humans’ current sleep cycle is structured is no longer an accurate measure of days and nights.

The future workplace will no longer dictate a daily routine. The built environment will allow for personalization of space and schedule. Technology will enable occupants’ internal rhythms to be monitored and translated into a routine optimizing productivity. The new workplace focuses on individualized 24 hour schedules and incorporation of sleep into daily life as a tool for productivity and health, with equal emphasis on working and amenity program.

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