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7 websites you need to make your architecture presentation more expressive

After a brainstorming speaking about “how a post for architecture students can be viral” lasted more than 15 minutes, I stopped thinking with my brain and I waited for the exams session. “Yep, it would be useful” I said. So, when I started working hard on my project, and you know what I mean: no sleep, no eat more-then-10-minutes-cooked-food, no sunlight, I figured out what I needed. A list of the most useful website for making a better poster to convince that damned jury that your project is better than the others. “This is so POP”. “This is so Hipster”, yes, it is true, and I love it. Remember: it won’t make you a good architect, but at least it will help to show better what you have in your brain!

Everybody knows how Sweden people are smarts. For that reason Teodor Javanaud Emdén, an Architecture student, created this amazing website where you can easily download .PNG of cutout peple. Of course, they are cool people, not random people! LINK

How many times were you about to freak out about choosing the right colors for your posters? Black and white is not always the solution, BORING! Our essential friend ADOBE created this website which will amaze you. Just have a look to understand the potential of choose the right colors. LINK

The Noun Project
This website is the Mecca for the ones who love showing ideas with info-graphics or simple schemes as the new Bjarke Ingles generation teach. What is that? A binder of symbols created and uploaded by graphics designers around the world. The graphics are for free, but remember to credit the creator! LINK

Visualizing Architecture
Do you want to learn with really fast tutorials how to make your white and flavourless 3d renders or 2d drawings more realistic using photoshop? Check this website by Alex Hogrefe, my little Guru. LINK
alex hogrefe

Also, choosing a font can be hard if you are a meticulous student. If you want to be out of the box, without using Helvetica, Bodoni or Avenire, which I love, check DaFont. On the other hand, if you have a pic with a text and you don’t know which font they used, upload it on Whatfontis to discover it! LINK1 LINK2

Easy, I know, but to start is more then enough. This website is an amazing portal where all kind of students and designers share their ideas. Be inspired by them trying to search for architecture or design presentations! LINK

Of course. www.3nta.com


Author: Marco Mattia Cristofori

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