Compositions on Theory - Non Architecture

Compositions on Theory



City and date of birth: La Habana, Cuba, 12/07/1989, Anna: 10/05/1992

Nationality: Cuban-Russian

Brief explanation:
I work using contrapositions, constrasts and geometric forms in the known landscape, normally very recognizable spaces with the idea of creating a biggest impact. Clearly there is a big influence from groups as Archigram, Archizoom, Superstudio, also Koolhaas and Eisenman for example.
But not only architects, directors as Von Trier, David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Guy Maddin are very important. The final expression through an specific atmosphere.
The projects are not created as work to do, persoally i need an specific mood and place that normally i get through the music, this is as importat as the illustrations themselves, there is not an intention of a formal result but a final recognizable work without any popular interest. Thom Yorke and Nicolas Jaar are part of this mood.
The space is fundamental, infinite, enclosed, flooded, ad the lie is the rector element.

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Author : Adrian Labaut Hernandez, Anna Kononova

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