Project Bristol History - Non Architecture

Project Bristol History

– Function: Mixed Use Building with Archive of Bristol and Thematic Museum

– Site location: Bristol

– Year: 2015

– Institution: Cardiff University, Welsh School of Architecture

– Brief description of the project: The concept is based on representing the history of Bristol in an interactive way through experience of scale, light and journey. The building aims to allow people to experience the 3 dimentiality of the internal spaces and the exhibits that are housed within it. The building houses the Archive of Bristol (glass cube), mixed use spaces such as archive reading area, lecture hall, study rooms. The main part of the building is the 3 elements museum. Water, Ground, Air. Each level exhibits transportation devices developed in Bristol during its industrial times. The museum floors are connected by a ramp that directs people to other floors allowing to observe the exhibits from different angles and points of view. The façade is covered in different transparency glass panels. Different transparency glass combinations represent the levels, half opaque at water level, mostly opaque and ground level, and nearly transparent at air level, all of this would lead to varying light effects that would change for the person as he walks around the building. In order to create a connection between the context and interior, fully transparent glazing plots are placed on the façade, connecting particular exhibits to the surroundings of the site. Moreover, to maintain the connectivity between inside and outside, the visitors are able to see into the collection from the park that is under the museum. The museum floors have openings that allow people to look up and see the exhibition. The museum would stand as a box of curiosities, with glimpses of what awaits inside, raising an interest for the people to actually go inside and see the things within.

– Nationality : Lithuanian

– Contacts:


Instagram: @rokasp1993


– City and date of birth : Klaipeda 19 02 1993

– Tutors: Dan Talks, Tim Rolt

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Author: Rokas Patapas

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