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Rigatoni Leek & Bacon



100 g rigatoni pasta
1 leek
3/4 mushrooms
50 g bacon
1 teaspoon honey
50 dl cream
1/2 onion
salt & pepper

Serves 1


Take a pan and put the water for the pasta to boil. When it is nearly boiling add a punch of salt wait 2 minutes and add the pasta.

In the meanwhile clean the leek and the mushrooms and cut it in slices.

Take a pad, slice the onion and sauté it into the butter for about 2 minutes, until tender. Add the leek and the bacon and leave it for 5 minutes on a law heat, so add the mushrooms and season. Leave it on cooking.

When the pasta is ready drain it, reserving a cupful of cooking water and mix it with the rest.

Take the cooking water and in a bowl mix it with the cream and the honey; add it to the pad and mix.

Your pasta is ready, season to taste and enjoy it!

trisHow to choose a good leek

Look for leeks that have long, white stems. The best size for leeks is medium and they should appear crisp. Prefer leeks that have all or some of the roots still attached. The presence of the roots indicates that the leek is still intact; if the base of the leek has been cut, the flesh begins to dry out.

Why eat leek

Leek, from the same family of vegetables as the garlic and the onion, is rich in essential oils which improve digestion. It contains vitamin E and carotene, which are important for healthy, elastic and gentle skin.Contains little fat and sugar, and a lot of cellulose which causes feeling of satiety, and thus it is ideal for maintaining a normal body weight during the winter.

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Rigatoni Leek & Bacon

Author: Devi Petti

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