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Be your own post

Author: Luca De Stefano


This post is empty. Sometimes in life things do not go as planned; you open a post, expecting to find something, and you just end up finding nothing else than a blank space.

The most spontaneous question might be “why?”, “Why publish an empty post?” I can find 100 very good reasons to do so. I can say that every day we are overwhelmed with continuous exposure to information, so an empty post could be an incredible opportunity of isolation. I can pretend that this post is a critic of those blogs that keep on publishing irrelevant and shallow information just for the sake of easy entertainment. I can consider this post an interactive example of minimalist art. I can even admit that I’ve have been very lazy lately. It won’t change much, because the only good question is “Why not?”.

The truth is that there is no good reason and no purpose in this post. We will wake up tomorrow in the exact same way as yesterday and we will be the very same people that we were before. Nothing will be changed. So just for one day, why not try to be your own post?

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