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Archistar & Fashion: Jean Nouvel For Ruco Line

Author: Serena Gallo


The disciplines of architecture and fashion express ideas of personal identity, social and cultural development, and reflect the interests of users and the ambition of age . In addition, fashion and architecture intercept the change of cities and shows the ” inhabiting bodies,” and the other dressing places.

German philosopher Walter Benjamin expressed a concept at the beginning of the twentieth century when he wrote that these two disciplines” belong to the darkness of the moment lived, the dream consciousness of the collective.” VOGUE

Jean Nouvel becomes launched into fashion with the Italian Ruco Line.

The French architect has created a collection of sneakers called “Pure ” for Ruco Line Ruco Line Rucoline -an Italian Contemporary Shoe Makerssince 1987. The collection has recently been fully realized.

The sneaker has a strong identity- very linear and essential. “It’s a very clean pattern reminiscent precisely of the ‘shape’ of the shoe ,” explains the company. Nouvel managed to create a trend among both architects among fashionistas thanks to the colors of the shoe, ranging from minimal white and black to fluorescent fuchsia and yellow. ” Pure ” was presented in Milan in 2013 . The realization of the prototypes took place at the headquarters of Mugnano, while the production is 100 % Italian outsourced materials. Backed by the quality of the product and a dynamic marketing strategy, Ruco Line was distributed through 300 multi-brand customers . The brand has 11 flagship stores in Italy and one in London in direct management, 3 in Japan, 21 in China, one in Hong Kong and one in Dubai.



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