RADIANCE - Non Architecture


Name: Kristijan Dapčević
Nationality: Montenegrin

Name: Savo Radović
Nationality: Montenegrin


-WINNER of HEALING Competition


“What is the city but the people?”, William Shakespeare

The fusion between people and buildings is the meaning of the city. However, in the recent years, cities have experienced massive expansion, taking over space and natural resources. In the process, a bond between built and living has been severed, making one inferior to other.

RADIANCE concept reinvents the concept of the city, focusing on the relationship between people and space. Instead of differentiating organic from inanimate, RADIANCE defines urban settlement as a living, breathing organism.

With that said, new cities will have people be the main source of power. As such, specialised clothing equipment will generate heat form human body and distribute it to the city itself. This technology would allow cities to follow natural metabolic activity of the human body. It would thrive in the daytime and sleep during night time, ultimately leading to healthier lifestyles and new forms of renewable energy. In the process, people will come to understand the essence of life and new forms of energy that can lead to brighter future. The essence of nature is equilibrium, and it has to be restored between humans and space. The balance is the future!


KeyWords: # nature&environment #newlifestyles #cleanenergy #people #technology 

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