Apodcalypse - Non Architecture


Name: Raphael Hugh Chang Jia Yi
Nationality: Singaporean
Institution / Company: Yale-NUS College

Name: Heng Si Ying Joy
Nationality: Singaporean
Institution / Company: Yale-NUS College




Trapped inside your tiny high-rise apartment during a pandemic? Gazing longingly at outdoor parks that now lie empty and redundant? Fret not, Apodcalyspe is an innovative pod system that will empower you to safely reclaim public parks for personal use.

During normal circumstances, Apodcalyspe envisions hexagonal staircase columns rising from the ground in public parks and acting as iconic lookout points for the community. With integrated rainwater harvesting systems, these columns double up as self-sufficient urban farms.

When residents retreat into their high-density high-rise apartments during pandemic crises, these columns serve as a respite from their enclosed homes. Families can temporarily extend their living spaces into public parks by assembling DIY Apodcalypse pods that connect to the columns. Specially designed to require minimal tools, these pods are highly customisable based on individual needs. Rest assured that Apodcalypse also abides by safe distancing guidelines, with columns strategically placed apart and nestled amidst nature. This urban pod system delimits one’s social interactions to a small fixed group of families who share the same column, thereby supporting contact tracing efforts while offering a safe outdoor getaway.

When life gives you an apocalypse, build an Apodcalypse. Goodbye cabin fever, hello fresh air!


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