BEYOND YOUR 4 WALLS - Non Architecture


Name: Marcin Zebrowski
Nationality: Polish

Name: Dominika Misterka
Nationality: Polish

Name: Emeline Lex
Nationality: Canadian, Finnish

Name: Teresa Arana Aristi
Nationality: Mexican

Name: Tony Nielsen
Nationality: Swedish



It’s easy to #stayhome if you have a big apartment, a garden or a summer house. But what if you’re stuck in a small apartment in the middle of a bustling metropolis?

Beyond Your 4 Walls (BY4W) explores a reconfiguration of the city during the ongoing pandemic. It encourages a transformation of the apartment, extending our homes outwards to roofs, courtyards, and public spaces. BY4W blurs the borders between inside and outside spaces.

From crowded apartments with parents who work from home amongst their homeschooled children to isolated souls quarantined in lonely studio apartments, the pandemic has revealed our utmost desires: our need for personal retreat and for social connection. BY4W is an online service that distributes a new way of life through delivery boxes containing customizable elements. The boxes come in three sizes; S, M and L – designed to be used by either families, neighbours or communities, containing elements from sanitation equipment, space dividers to playful objects.

BY4W offers scalable and mobile objects that serve as incentives for us to design our new world together. People can create spaces that are physically enriching in the midst of social distancing, reminding us that we are not alone.


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