Urban Working Stations - Non Architecture

Urban Working Stations

Name: Amnon Direktor
Nationality: Israeli and German
Institution / Company: architect, urban researcher and journalist



The “laptop revolution” of the early 21st century has radically changed the way people communicate, work and learn. If in the past most of the work took place in offices and other dedicated spaces, today such tasks can be performed virtually anywhere. More and more people meet, work and study in the public sphere, creating a new world of possibilities. In addition, the Covid-19 has shown us that we can work from anywhere and that our learning space needs to be rethought.


The idea of the project is to produce a new urban platform for workspaces for the self-employed, people who prefer to work in the open air or students who need an available learning space. The project suggests several Working Stations typologies in the public domain –  Each of them offers a different way of working – Meeting Station, Individual Station and Common Station. Every one of them designed in a smart, simple, convenient, efficient, green and cheap way. These Working Stations will be free, comfortable and bright and will provide electricity and internet connection. By providing these Working Stations, the city can help improve upon a growing number of issues encountered in contemporary urban and the future of work spaces.


#Public space, #Working, #E-learning, #Covid-19

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