Roll the bubble - Non Architecture

Roll the bubble


Name: Santiago Carrera Peralta

Nationality: Ecuadorian


Name: Emilia Flores Vinueza

Nationality: Ecuadorian




Want to play a game?


  • Every 10 living bubbles 1 cultural chamber, 2 restaurants, 1 cafeteria, 1 clothing and 1 grocery store are placed.
  • All living bubbles will have 3 hours in social, commercial and cultural chambers.
  • All cultural chambers must be connected to at least 3 living bubbles to work.
  • Once the activity is completed your bubble will roll to a new bubble farm.

*In social and commercial area participants must wear the bubble mask.


Haven´t cooked meal yet? Roll the bubble left to a restaurant.

Haven´t done the diary groceries shopping yet? Roll the bubble right to a grocery store.

Want to visit the theatre avoiding crowds of people? Connect the bubble to a side of the cultural chamber.

Want to go to outside and walk the dog? Take the elevator and visit our upper park.

Missing to have a coffee during the office break? Roll the bubble right to a cafeteria.

Unable to connect to a work meeting? Connect the bubble to your co-worker office.

Missing talking to a friend? Roll the bubble to her bubble farm.

Want to live the lockdown from the comfort of your home? Call us right now!


#Co-habitation & Relationships #Alternative technologies #instantlife #Bubble-mates #gridspace 


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