Metamorphic Sanctuary - Non Architecture

Metamorphic Sanctuary


Name: Evelyn Law

Nationality: Hong Kong


Name: Katherine Wong

Nationality: Hong Kong




The Metamorphic Sanctuary visualizes a hypothetical evolution of the quarantine from a temporary compromise to a permanent settlement for the pandemic.


Isolation has been a feature of this era, with architecture playing a critical role safeguarding us physically and spatially from the threat. The ongoing social-distancing practices can be further prolonged in times of extreme uncertainty, such that its continual impact on human society would inevitably propel us to acknowledge the existential threat and adapt to a new way of long-term secluded living.


Originated from the emergency implementation of the lock-down, the nation’s mobility has been strictly limited within our own living units, taking form as an impromptu sanctuary. Basic functions of life are temporarily fulfilled within this empirical sanctuary, which supports the fundamental “survival” of the individuals. As time progresses, the concept of the “impromptu” will be gradually challenged and aggravated. Uncertainty and scepticism give rise to informal expansions and modifications within the sanctuary, forging an ample milieu for the imminent long haul.


Without a foreseeable end to the pandemic, these modifications within the sanctuary can progress to take on distinctly different forms at varying moments in time. When our last-ditch hope of the “impromptu” dies out, the sanctuary will then conform with the idea of “permanence” and settle as our final form of living.


 #protected social interaction #prolonged isolation #evolution of quarantine #metamorphic typology #city in a building


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