Revolving City -post pandemic, post share - Non Architecture

Revolving City -post pandemic, post share


Name: Mengfan Sha

Nationality: China

Institution / Company: HOK


Name: Na Wang

Nationality: China

Institution / Company: SWA Group


Name: Dandi Zhang

Nationality: China




Post-pandemic era is facing massive excavation. Multi-use commercial centers that used to be loaded with people, are turning into components of a ghost city. Meanwhile, due to the contagious nature of the pandemic, long-term quarantine is seeding demand in creating protected shared spaces for small group gathering. Revolving city is a bold tale of the future city morphology: a heterotopia that intertwines old and new, order and chaos, natural and superimposed.

A new infrastructure – revolving belt system will be superimposed upon the abondoned old city center. Stations will be constructed along the belt to load elements and settings into the pods for small groups to occupy, just like how revolving sushi works at architectural scale. The old city center will become the resource chef that prepares the ‘dishes’ on the belt while providing energy in supporting the motion. Towers will be converted into warehouses composed of modules filled with furnishes or greens to load the specific scene into the pods. People from different quarters of the city outskirts will then load themselves into the pods through the stations upon their needs.

Revolving city delineates a system with self-sustaining instant pods to replace the function of the old city center.


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