Don’t Burst my Bubble

TEAM: George Courtauld, British, Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL)

Inflatable Nightclub

The project is a portable, temporary nightclub that can be deployed in Trafalgar Square, hover over Paris, or set up on the outskirts of Berlin or Lisbon.

Activating the part of the city in which it is deployed, it brings the supposedly ‘subculture’ of

clubbing out into the open as a spectacle.

Music has always been about the communal act of sharing ideas and experiences, and this

project comes at a time when we are losing the cultural infrastructure needed to participate. Don’t Burst my Bubble will bring the nightclub out of the basement and into the sky as a symbol of the fantastic part of our culture we are in danger of losing.

The nightclub is formed of five balloons that can either be dragged to site or inflated and

assembled onsite. Connected together they create a nightclub for 2,400 people, balance is

controlled by expanding and contracting gas bladders within the four main balloons that act as part of the spectacle responding to the audience movements within the club.

“There is enormous power that resides in the ephemeral event. An altogether normal place in the city, for a brief moment in time, can become somewhere very special.”


TEAM: Nikhil Isaac Cherian (British Indian), Joanna Lucy Gabrielle Hobbs (Anglo French)

Move your way to meteorological madness.

The tap of a toe clouds the sky pink, the sliding of your moonwalk triggers a shower of meteorites and bouncing through the Macarena unleashes an avalanche of snow.

As the club dancing gets wilder, a symphony of machinery jumps into action, releasing increasingly spectacular meteorological conditions onto the dancefloor. When the cacophony of climate saturates the subterranean club, it seeps through a network of pipes and cracks into the city above. Ordinary parts of city life glitch to betray the underground activity – a lamppost becomes a release for giant tasty clouds; cracks within the cement give way to glowing lava streams and effervescent mist shoots out of fountains.

Those who come to the club, create the club. Their movements create their environment. They become the central phenomenon of not only the dancefloor, but of the surrounding city above. A series of sensors and pressure points respond to different movements, which build from the tapping of a foot to trigger a puff of tasty mist to an explosion of lava out beyond the club.

Expect 40km per hour blizzards with pink spells and a 95% chance of volcanoes. Boogie your way to meteorological madness.

The Yellow Submarine

TEAM: Lewis Williams, UK

The International Boat Party Experience

The Yellow submarine, a 1960’s musical icon made famous by UK band ‘The Beatles’. Since 1970 this seafaring treasure has languished out of use. Recently discovered hibernating in a deserted section of Liverpool docks, the once celebrated symbol has been restored and pressed into use to serve a new generation as a unique international boat party experience, undertaking a new destinationless voyage that takes an unpredictable course around the worlds oceans. The ship attracts new audiences, desperate to capture a taste of assorted past musical trends in a continuous, non stop party atmosphere. Party goers leave behind their regular stagnating nightclub venue to step aboard the continuously travelling party ship for an unrestricted period of time. The voyage will take them around the world, open them up to new dance cultures and create chance relationships along the way. To achieve this atmosphere, the captain follows a contemporary navigational aid, a circular rotating map that allows fixed points to be moved, introducing an element of fate and chance as the map in spun. The result is an almost unpredictable route, and one that will encourage a diverse dance experience. Be sure to secure your tickets soon!

100 Programless Rooms

TEAM: Na-Pat Tengtrirat, Thai, University of Westminster, London

‘Not without any precise function but precisely without any function’

The emergence of Virtual Reality ™ represents a shift inwards, threatening the stimulation of a collective euphoria offered by nightclubs. Recessing into the immaterial space of the headset, the intimate link between artist and spectator is terminated. The ability for the artist to judge the atmosphere of the space and the mood of the crowd in order to choose the ‘perfect track’ is a unique and intimate quality of the club that Virtual Reality ™ cannot recreate.

100 Programless Rooms is a speculative model for the future of the entertainment. It is both an intermediary and a dogmatic scheme presented as a series of white cubes and define only by the thresholds of each room. The space is only activated when the spectator interacts with technological devices, cultural artefacts and the artificial nature that is superimposed onto each space. The program can be updated and upgraded at will. At all times, club-goers are presented with one hundred different experiences. They play the architectural game, drifting through different spaces and engaging in a unique musical journey, complemented by the atmospheric sensations of each microcosm.


TEAM: Georgios Ouzounis – Greek, Aias Kokkalis – Greek

Digital-to-Analog Club

In electronics: digital-to-analog converter, a system that converts a digital signal into an analog signal.


Underground, floor to floor, the traditional process of clubbing is transformed into space. After swallowing a senses-transmitting pill the clubber can explore baths, dress rooms, food, drink and drugs, dance floors and sex-sleeping facilities. Here, one can fulfil all his partying, performing, and sexual fantasies, which the space promotes, embraces and transmits to the digital part.


Overground, anyone can have access to clubbing through technology. With a series of connectors and actuators, the system transcends old age, physical disabilities, nationality, occupation, social status or minority group which one might belong to. Each digital clubber is one-way connected to an analog clubber of the corresponding floor, thus forming a 1-to-1 network that transfers all the analog part’s senses to its digital “vessel”.


A digital world sitting on top of an analog world, where the digital, as a mirror of its analog sibling is constantly repeating and amplifying our real lives. These two mirroring worlds, seemingly disparate, expand towards two extremes, the sky and the underground, heaven and hell. But this is where these worlds also meet again. Where the much scorned ethics of desire meet the ambiguous ethics of penthouse tenants.

The Dark Side

TEAM: Matteo Ferrarese, Italian, TU Delft


The sun is rising, is starting a new day, the night comes to an end, it’s time to come back home.

Imagine a world where it’s possible to get rid of that feeling and to create a nightclub that is only open during the night but never close.

Yes, it is possible.

There is a satellite with a retrograde orbit going at the same speed of Earth rotation, but with the opposite direction.

This satellite is never hit by sunrays and stays always in the dark side of the Earth: welcome to the nightclub where the morning never comes and the night never ends, welcome to THE DARK SIDE.


TEAM: Elva Choi, Aleksandra Kugacka – Korean, Polish

Every night of the weekend the space of the sleeping trains and their platforms transforms to host music events. The best way to get there is to jump on the night tube and interchange where the day and the night tubes intersect.  The underground club exists independently of the outside – no more getting wet or sobering up on the way to your dancing destination. What happens underground stays underground.

While the night tube works as usual, the sleeping trains move only once every hour.

As the standing time of the train is much longer than its journey, tube dancers experience the feeling of constant suspense – as if the club was just about to depart.

We believe that transforming familiar spaces we use everyday eases the idea of clubbing. ‘Going underground’ rather than ‘going out’ is more universal and more welcoming for anyone who is reluctant of clubbing. We also believe that there is no dancing without music – the presence of rhythm is what makes us want to move. In the absence of bar, the lighting and acoustic qualities of tube tunnels are central features of the club.

London underground first, other cities will follow.


TEAM: Etienne BURET, Simon METZ, Charles MORANT – French – ENSA Clermont-Ferrand

Wherever, However

A Company built up in order to gather people together with music.

Experience the new way of clubbing !

No more limits, let’s transcend yourself.

Discover new types of music meeting our residential artists, going on tour around the world.

Let the music be yours and shape your mood.


Every nation, every country, everybody is welcomed in the “Compagnie des Nuages”, enjoy a cultural mid-air melting pot.



TEAM: Daniele Galuppi, Italy

Buy local, Play local.
Market3 is more than a market stall, more than a small open-air club, more than a plug-and-play structure with the best soundsystem in the world.

Market3 is a project that, through these features, aims to redevelop and improve the culture of vinyl and music mixed and played by analogue equipment in the most “analogue” place on earth: the local market.

Music comes out of the usual club context and contaminates a place full of genuineness, nature, harmony, voices and faces to enhance and promote the territory. Different values come together: culture of vinyl and music, local trade, natural products, smells, colours, expressions and habits, talent enhancement, old traditions, warmth, weight, touch… All this can be applied both to music and to the products of our land.


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