Pop Work Pack It Up - Non Architecture

Pop Work Pack It Up

TEAM: Xeni Dimoka, Greek




A modular pop-up office in a hand-luggage

Traveling while tons of work flood your mind? Have you ever experienced a creative flash in an airport terminal and had no equipment to work it out? Nowadays, the idea of the “office” has been liberated. The contemporary worker can work in literally any place and is also often traveling for work, being obliged to carry his office essentials on trains, buses and airplanes.

This project gives this worker the opportunity to carry a pop-up office in a size of a luggage that complies with the carry-on luggage restrictions of the majority of airlines (55 x 35 x 25 cm). Easily assembled and disassembled, providing spaces for all the material that is necessary for work (sketching material, documents, books, sockets), Pop.Work.Pack (it up)! constitutes the ultimate portable workstation.

Office is like home. It cannot be defined as one place, as it can be any place where a person gets inspired and concentrated. So, apart from traveling this office unit can be used in various contexts, providing a “fully-equipped work shelter”.

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