Work on yourself - Non Architecture

Work on yourself

TEAM: Daiana Szejpiacki, Agustín Barraza, Argentina




We decided to reverse life priorities

And what if the office is inside you? And it only works if you are happy.

We believe in the search of a purpose, in the search of the deep and genuine happiness, in what turns you on. If not, why are we here? That’s what life is about.

We introduce a little device located in the electronics that are meant to work. It will measure the endorphin, serotonin and dopamine levels of the workers, allowing them to use their work tool only if the levels of that hormones are the right ones. And what are the right levels? Enough to be happy.

So people will be forced to do what makes them trully happy, otherwise they will not be able to work.

But what about the cycles, the up and downs, the crisis from which we all learn from? Will that be permitted? Is it posible to become a slave of happiness?

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