Deleuzean Illusion - Non Architecture

Deleuzean Illusion

TEAM: Ana Clara Pellegrino, Franklin Pacheco Barboza Quaresma, Tainá Lopes de Souza, Taissa Fontenelle Sily de Assis – Brazilians – PUC-Rio, FAU-UFRJ




Deleuzean Illusion, the work goggles.

Tired of the same old nine to five job? Who even has those anymore? Offices are so 2k18 — welcome to the future.

What if you could bend time and space to create a workspace of your own, on the go? Why waste precious productive time going from home to work and then back again? Don’t you know time is money?

Forget going to work all together! Now you can have it on you anywhere you are — just put your goggles on, enter your cloud and get to work!

Introducing the Deleuzean Illusion: a pair of goggles that lets you build a perfect environment of virtual reality so you can finally focus on what needs to be done. It transports you to another universe, totally tailored for and by you! In your bubble you can store whatever you want and even have meetings with other users, just set up a group universe and you’re ready to go! It’s all you’ve been dreaming of: escape from your commute, increase your productivity!

All this with a built in WiFi hotspot!


User discretion is advised.

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