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Work is to sleep

TEAM: Ivan Mellini Italy, Ilaria D’Agostino Italy




Working, now, is just a dream.

“Work is to sleep” is the new revolutionary device for the world of work. Working in crowded and uncomfortable offices, the accumulated stress, the lack of free time will not even be in your worst nightmares. Thanks to “Work is to sleep” your job will be sleeping. The device allows in fact to connect our servers to your neuronal activities and to the accumulations of memory that are in your brain, which the device will use to carry out the work in complete autonomy. It’s very easy to use: just wear it and connect it to your own pc at home; the device will automatically connect to your brain waves when you start sleeping. Each process will be sent to your personal computer and forwarded to the central server and you can check your progress at any time. You can sleep quiet dreams because the device is safe and not at all intrusive, you will wake up relaxed and full of energy, ready for a day full of activities that the classic manual work does not allow you to play.

The day is your time and the night too.

“Work is to sleep” because working, now, is just a dream.

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