Psychonautic Room - Non Architecture

Psychonautic Room


TEAM: Doriana Gabriela Mărăşoiu, Antonio Fadda – Romanian, Italian




In a world animated by continuous tensions between social conformity and evasion phantasies, the need for creative solutions became for many realities a big issue, requiring brand new approaches and workspace concepts. What kind of environment can enhance our thinking abilities, more than a space conceived to push us towards the innermost nucleus of our consciousness?

The application of Psychonautics to recreation spaces in offices can lead to a different use of the break time, combining the need of relaxation with experimental activities which can boost mind power during productive time.

When open, the polyfunctional “Capsules” can be simple couches for power naps or Brainwave Entertainment stations. When closed, they act as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy cocoons.

The “Dream Machine”, located above each seat, is used for hypnagogic trance induction, with the aim to enhance ideas fluidity coming from a relaxation state which can be quickly induced or stopped.

The “Dune Walls” are surfaces that amplify the light fugue effects, creating space disorientation and pareidolia patterns.

Last but not least, the “Time fountain” may act as sound counterpart in the hypnagogic induction or as a simple reliever from daily acoustic stress, with its cyclical sound patterns.

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