Balance - Non Architecture


Joe Leask – British – Robert Gordon University / Glenn Howells
Yevgen Gozhenko – British– Robert Gordon University / Glenn
Howells Architects




In a world where productivity, occupational demand and time sacrifice is pushed to the limit, it is now a constant battle to attain success in both your professional and personal life. No longer do walls and a nine to five mentality bind the ‘office’ as a cradle of working life. The office is everywhere and anywhere.

In acceptance of this, there must be a way to manage and affect change. A way to rewire your life to ensure that you make the most out of each day. No longer will you spend long days in the office, completing countless hours of overtime and missing out on socialising and personal objectives. Change comes with Balance and everything required to attain balance can be instigated from a small wrist device.

The new smart watch from Balance acts as your digital conscience. Packed with all the key features of top of the range devices, it is aimed at anyone seeking to manage their professional and personal lives. New technologies allow the watch to detect when and where you are working, notifying you when regulation is required as quality personal time is just as important as work time.

It’s time to find your balance.

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