2063 - Non Architecture


Enz Matyas, Switzerland, ETH Zurich
Stainhauser Janis, Switzerland, ETH Zurich




45 years after the social revolution, work is religion.

The way we thought about offices and work has dramatically changed!

Zuckerberg, Cook and Pichai ruled the world. We now live in an optimized and efficient meritocracy where work is the centre of life. The office isn’t a matter of a room, a set of rooms or a building anymore. Since 45 years ago the generation of information technologies changed the way we knew the world, work is happening everywhere and anytime. Work is integrated in our daily life as we are always connected and reachable. We have work on our intermodal surfaces and carry it always with us. So it was not about generating places for good working conditions anymore. It was about places to worship work.

The future is now and working is the praying of today. It started with reusing the temples of the antique world, expanding them and further they even began to build new temples and shrines to celebrate working.

Work is religion. The temple its office!

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