TEAM: Victor CT Li
Nationality: Hong Kong, British
Institution: University of Bath




Curiosity | A Giant Learning Machine

People “Think” when they are curious, only through continuous thinking we can keep learning, exploring and stretching the potential of our mind. Thus, a design that can instinctively provokes curiosity shall be able to maximise the efficiency of an office.

To set the scene for the project, I questioned what is the one thing human most curious about? Humans. The urge to close the curiosity gap about ourselves has led us to exploration, discovery and new inventions. How we are fulfilling our curiosity in the present day? We are using Artificial Intelligence to learn about what it is to be human; by creating robots that can act like us and think like us.

Hence, my design is a Giant Learning Machine that allows human to learn about artificial intelligence and simultaneously the AIs are learning from us through observing day to day interaction under the gridded canopy.

Though curiosity do lead humans to evolve, sometime it brings catastrophe to our species. However, to restrain that section of our curious mind would solely postpone the thinking to another time. Thus to accommodate and fulfill this surge of sinister, an underground working space with limited access is proposed to house everything that would be better off kept away from the public.

One day, this Giant Learning Machine may no longer be occupied by human but machines that inherits the mind of ours.

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