Big Spider - Non Architecture

Big Spider

TEAM: GUILLERMO CASADO HURTADO – SPAIN -ETSAM (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid)




The altenative office for the sciencist of the future

Date: 05 – 10 – 3018. Location: Earth

BigSpider_A23: Here BigSpider_A23 ready to take off.

Central_Base_01: Enjoy it.

Date: 14 – 04 – 3021. Location: Kriton – 235b

CB_01: Here Central Base.

How was your first day there?

BS_A23: Wonderful.

The world has changed enough to understand that an office is the work point for any job.

CB_01: True! A lot of people don´t trust in our alternative office.

BS_A23: I´m biologist scientist.

I need my own office too.

CB_01: We´ve designed the perfect one for you.

You have an independent lab and super powerful engines to go wherever you want.

It has installed a gadget-hand to collect samples if you’re in an atmosphere not recommended.

And, obviously, your private’s spaces for long trips.

BS_A23: Thk. Keep in touch.

Date: 23 – 05 – 3021. Location: Planet.6a

BS_A23: Today I´ve worked in a new location.

The office behaves well in the new atmosphere.

The skin is so breathable, allows light and the termal insulation is perfect.

CB_01: How does the gadget-hand work?

Did you pick-up samples?

BS_A23: Proper functioning. I am working with them in the lab.

Date: 11 – 08 – 3021. Location: Planet.6a

BS_A23: Today I have had problems with the antennas

CB_01: All right?

BS_A23: All arranged.

The results of the laboratory are already being sent through small GPS-guided capsules.

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