Biotic Nimbus - Non Architecture

Biotic Nimbus

TEAM: Anna Arampatzi (Greek),
Andreas Nikolopoulos (Greek)




a Nebula of Coded Protocols

Offices every day evaporate, their spatial footprint lessening slowly, becoming intangible, nebulous forms. When stripped of its space, an office is a code of professional behavior, a system of implemented and quantifiable productivity, a protocol.

In the now of the Quantified Self, where people are addressed as sums of data to be analyzed and used, intellectual work is another resource to be measured and harnessed. Thought is above all a biological function with its own patterns, so by monitoring the human body and aligning it to optimal values, we can achieve consistency and efficiency in the thought process.

Every professional framework runs its own protocol, one that needs to be communicated to and implemented by every employee. For this purpose, understanding the limitations of human anatomy, a biometric organ is added to the human physiology. Active every second of the workday, in close proximity and with direct connection to the human body, the organ is adaptive to the environment and patterns of its host, but moreover guides the employees every step of their workday to meet the required quotas set by the protocol.

Through this surveillance system the employer is aware of the performance of each cyborg.

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