Blooming Petals - Non Architecture

Blooming Petals


TEAM: Sooyeon Ahn (South Korea), Woojung Kim (South Korea)




The office as a space of the mental work will gain vitality by thinking.

Thinking is the power source of the office movement.

Thinking will be the centre of the world.

There will be no firmed companies on the ground.

The organisations will occur and perish around the thinking.


When you are thinking, Blooming office will come close to their living spaces to absorb the ideas. When you enter the Blooming office, you can see your ideas are flying through the special lighting layers. A colleague may obtain a new idea from a fragment of your thinking petals. In the Blooming office, it is hard to detach thinking from your life. When you are walking, sleeping, talking, and eating, thinking petals will be blowing out from you into space. It could become a Blooming house for you rather than the office.

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