Cogito - Non Architecture


Name Surname: Monika Wiecha, Michał Kołodziej
Nationality: Polish
Institutions: Cracow University of Technology




The office building of the future

Contemporary city. Full of high, dominant office blocks towering over the city. Their construction uses materials from the planet’s resources to the limit. Regardless of the environmental pollution and destruction of the Earth, we are building more and higher.

It seems that we forgot among all the office building who is the most important – a human.

Trying to regain the dominant role of a man in contemporary office buildings – a new spatial structure has been created. It is designed in the likeness of the neuron, which is fundamental unit of the brain. The structure is a hybrid of a human and artificial intelligence.

It is devided into some parts:


A man who is the core of the mechanism structure.

He creates ideas, he is the engine of every progress.



Using the technology of artificial intelligence, human thoughts are captured and transmitted to the higher hierarchical drones.


Mechanisms analyze man-made thoughts and find possibilities of their application in various fields of science.


Processed human thought is transferred to a mechanism throughout the world. Elements of the structure can be combined into larger concentrations with larger undertakings or even act alone.


The processed thought is materialized, creating a specific creation.


Cogito exists only with the participation of a human,. „I think, therefote I am”

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