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Collective Thought




Hymnal of a Lost Intelligence

If true thought originates within the classical philosophy of Socrates and the decedents, then its perpetuation lends itself to be carried by their contemporaries. Timothy Morton posits thought or intelligence as a thing in itself, with embedded definitions and biases. Should an artificial intelligence be tested against a human and it be blindly deemed the human, we then must understand the system within our current definition of a human. Data collection perpetuates the role of artificial intelligence, in consumption and learning of raw data. If prior periods are any indication of future events, we will lean on faith of some kind to solve for the current unknowns, allowing a religious presence to blossom within data collection and learning.

Intelligence will be outsourced to the machines, but only in the sense that it will be a luxury to obtain certain synthesized forms of raw data from them. Current offices are trending toward dispersal and decentralization, meaning the offices are based primarily on data stored in servers. These servers are now being distributed and decentralized to provide heating in private residences. If a religious fetishization of the machine intelligence blossoms, our return to ornament and craftsmanship should return with it. This ornament may be replaced with server housing to fill the poche. This contemporary office space tracks toward consumption of raw intelligence as a means of economic prosperity, merging with the religious symbolism we are currently used to.

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