EGO - Non Architecture


Nationality: Romanian




A story about self-care.

This is the year 2078. Money doesn’t exist anymore, nor traditional jobs such as water tower constructors.


Margaret is a 37 year old person, who identifies as a female. Her job today is to take care of her mind. Every day she receives a suitcase that contains the tools needed for the self-care procedure. She also receives a schedule, and a map, that mark the places where she has to go, in order for the routine to be correctly executed.

Her office now, is her Suitcase.

Her gadgets are The Tools.

Everyone has the same job as Margaret.


I, the narrator, am the only real human left here.

Before this new way of working, back in 2018, the social, political and environmental problems of the world started to affect people in a weird way. They started to act like puppets, losing their values and principles. They were desensitized. Now they are learning how to be human again. This is the job that they were always meant to do- to take care of themselves. And they will do it again and again, until they succeed. And only then, they will find something else to work at.

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