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TEAM: Papadopoulou Maria-Kuriaki, Spanogianni Alexandra, Zochiou Vasiliki
Greek – Patras School of Architecture




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Dear all,

We are pleased to inform you that during the next months (from June 1st to August 31st 2018) our company will provide an alternative choice of summer working spaces open to all of you: the camping-rafts.

The exact spots where you can find them will be daily emailed to you. In this case, you are free to follow the company’s short trips along the coastline, or come and join us shortly during the day or night and stay as much as you prefer.

Of course, you can control and transform your space according to the weather and temperature conditions, keeping it pleasant for you and your co-workers.

On the camping-raft you can find all needed for an experience that combines a balance of 8 hours of working productivity, 8 hours of rest and 8 hours of leisure time. The time arrangement is up to you, just make sure your tasks are still delivered on time!

Please let us know on time when you will need one or more camping-rafts, individually or in your working teams, so we can assure availability.

In a summer mood,
your CEO

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