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TEAM: Danios Triantafillos, Greek, AUTH
Christidou Anastasia, Greek, AUTH




The 7 chakras

Om is the self within. Om is knowledge. Om is the truth of the universe.

To change the world one must first change himself. It is only from within that the change can come. But how can one change himself? How can he break free from the norms society dictates? It is innovation to think outside the box, but what if you can think beyond the box itself?

To change the way you think you must search within yourself to find the Om. Through meditation and self-reflection one can ascend the staircase of the 7 chakras that leads to supreme awarness.

Muladhara [Root]

Swadhisthana [Sacral]

Manipura [Solar Plexus]

Anahata [Heart]

Vishuddha [Throat]

Ajna [Third Eye]

Sahasrara [Crown]

What it means though to reach Sahasrara? Knowledge? Understanding? Something completely different? A person will be forever changed everytime he unlocks a chakras and in the end as it is said:

“What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create”

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