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TEAM: Jeroen Wijnhorst
Nationality: Dutch
Company: formwillfollow




Mobile out of office workstation, for the ever-busy workaholic

– Quality time with the ones we love is a luxury most of us cannot afford. Now you can fool the unaware passerby into the idea that you’re caring about family while you are working! –


In the sixties futurists predicted that workers need only wait for the year 2000 for their life of leisure to arrive. A week of 31 to as little as 16 hours on-the-job would be reached in 2020 with robots taking over most of the jobs and a lack of meaning in our lives the biggest problem.[1]


Remote work and freelancing in the twenty-first century are indeed increasing chances for freedom and flexibility, turning living rooms and coffee places into modern offices. The only miscalculation of futurists is the effect this actually has on our leisure time.


Smartphones and push-notifications have blurred the lines between work and leisure time. In an ever competitive and permanently online job market not responding in an instant can cost you. If we continue like this technology will only decrease and fragmentize leisure time, making the office of the future something to be carried around permanently.

[1] https://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/the-late-great-american-promise-of-less-work-1561753129

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