The Garden of Fatigue - Non Architecture

The Garden of Fatigue

TEAM: Kevin Leung-Ronghua lei




Harvest Creativity

In the modern world where the rise of A.I. declares a new realm of working where humans will serve as creative inputs assisted by automation, In the Garden of Fatigue, we understand creativity will be our first productivity against machine automation, that is why our office is designed to maximize creativity. Human minds are the most innovative when we are fatigue. In response to this, the proposals aims to use fatigue as means to generate creativity in a working environment.

The factory follows the creativity production cycle where staff is first encouraged to engage in mental intensive activities, then they will proceed to relaxation facilities to allow themselves to reach their creative peak, and finally they will conduct creative work at the top of the factory. The office space implements the production cycle vertically, where creativity is harvested at the top. In doing so the office space can challenge the typical slab-tower typology and create a massive atrium that is intersected by both machines and humans. The proposal aims to question the conventional ‘google’ approach to activity based working, but at the same time also challenges the co-existence of artificial and human intelligence.

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