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Wich work?

TEAM: Alberto Cecchin, Lodovico Feroldi – Italy




“What are you going to do today?”

Technology helps us to rule the world.

Technology makes our life faster, easier … ‘better’

Technology makes people faster, stronger … ‘better’

Technology is going to make us work ‘better’

Our work is going to be better … isn’t it?


The proposal aims to explain what the world is to become.

We need some help to manage our lives.

We will create new and more powerful technologies.

We will end up letting techs do things for us, more and more.

Technology will stand in for us.

We will let it do, but we won’t let it think.

There will be warehouses, we will be stored.

We will think. Technology will accomplish your goals.

We will be able to do anything, any kind of work.

We will just need to think.


We will reach many goals.

We will be more productive, efficient.

We will become greater than ever.

Thanks to technology.


We won’t need different kinds of offices.

There will be human containers.


synapsis receptor,



remote control.


We will work better.

Work-time will be longer than ever, because we will need few rest-brakes and few holidays.

Thanks to technology.


The one and only concern will be “Which work you gonna do today?”

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