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Amazon on stock

TEAM: Kamila Melka, Jan Matusewicz – Poland




#rainforest #ethics #Brazil #non-profit #ecology

2/3 of Amazon rain forest area lay in Brazil. The president of Brazil, supports the deforestation process of the rain forest, which comes with mining, plantation and pastures spreading.

He wants the Indians to become owners of the state territory which they currently have a right to use. They can use it or sell it, government said to be insisting on the latter.

And where there is commodity, there is a buyer.

Plantations or cattle pastures, it is all our consumers’ decisions. There is demand, so Brazil makes supply. Usually we don’t realize that we pay an ethical value of the consequences of our decisions. You can buy more wisely or you can help, buying the problem.

We propose to establish an organization appointed to fundraising and ransom of the forest. Donors can pay multiple price per square meter to make it clear how many squares you buy. There will be an algorithmic system, which will divide the whole area into 1mx 1m squares, and asset one donor to the set of fields from different regions, as many as he/she paid for. This gives donor a feeling of responsibility for the environment together with a non-profit property that prevents exploitation.

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