wherever. whenever. - Non Architecture

wherever. whenever.

TEAM: Matthias Hornung, German, University of Stuttgart – Simeon Daskalov, Bulgarian, University of Stuttgart


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


buying through imagination beyond the imaginary






Logistics, stores and storage space – how much more accessible and sustainable would everyday buying be if we find a smart solution to reduce/ eliminate those expenses? In our struggles with demographic and climate crises – a lot. As scientific developments continue to reach further heights in technology and synthetizing of substances that question no longer remains theoretical.

Using a fleet of advanced clean-fueled rockets and drones (which make a 24h delivery policy self-evident) major logistic centers are relocated on the moon, reclaiming extensive amounts of essential area for living or ecological purposes. Stores, storage spaces, large garages – gone, merely by enhancing imagination. Getting the product is no longer necessary for experiencing its look, feel, smell and daily use. It’s enough to ingest a little pill synthesized by a device looking a lot like a vending machine, just on the street.

One touch, a smart chemical balance unique for every product and the natural power of the human brain. No more endless reviews and lines and struggles with availability. Just pass by one of the dispensers, choose whatever interests you. Then go enjoy a lovely time trying it out. In the park. With your friends. Wherever. Whenever.

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