TOPersonalSHOP - Non Architecture



Name: Lynn (Lingyun) Qian

Nationality: Chinese

Institution: Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


A Customised Shopping Wonderland






Part virtual, part physical, TOPersonalSHOP speculates the possible future of the high street – shopping malls become spectacles of personal shopping similar to an urban lounge where people partake in social gathering and relaxation. It is a proposal of the future retail landscape for TOPSHOP on London high street where leisure and social space integrates with the online shopping experience through Augmented Reality facilities, replacing the traditional brick and mortar stores and providing people a customised and fragmental buying and entertaining journey.

Users arrive at the TOPersonalSHOP, the Shopping Wonderland on the high street. In the Personal Shopping Centre, customised shopping lists are generated upon users arrival based on their online browsing history. After placing their orders using AR facility, users can enjoy hair and nail salon by robotic arms or have a walk in the public park on the ground floor while waiting for the orders which are being fulfilled in the underground warehouse. At the end of the journey, through the AR app on their phone, users can envision themselves on the catwalk with the new look. They can’t wait to share this moment on Instagram #TOPersonalSHOP.

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