Urban Online - Non Architecture

Urban Online


Karolina Sagmeister



-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


the best elements of online and urban shopping


#luxurydepot #gosocial #modernlifestyle #shopindividual #gualitytime



Fed up with all the cardboard boxes strewn about your apartment? Worried that you can’t return those impulse buys that never quite live up to your expectations? Too busy to go to the Post Office anyway? Well here’s a whole new approach for the discerning consumer who wants to experience the best elements of online and urban shopping; a city centre retail location that’s as much a lifestyle as a way to buy! It’s a bar, a café, a space to chill and a luxury depot where you can pick up and try out the stuff you order online. It’s waiting for you there – unpacked and ready to try on in the luxury changing rooms, or simply collect. Stylists and assistants are on hand to help you make that crucial choice. And if you prefer a little privacy and time to consider your purchases – well that’s fine too. If the goods are not what you want, then just leave them behind. The staff will see they’re returned without you giving it a second thought, so you can just get on with living your life. It’s a shopping experience that puts you front and centre; just the way it should be.

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