Fountain of Used - Non Architecture

Fountain of Used

TEAM: Lars Jørgensen – Norway




#Reuse #Redesing #ShoppingAdventure #SocialExperience #AquariumForClothes

The fountain of used brings back the excitement of discovering a clothing through a sustainable reuse of textile. It will turn the purchase of a clothing from a thoughtless mouse click to a social experience.

The goal is to turn the consumerism around and create stores that worship the revival and reuse of existing clothes, making us more aware and appreciative of all the textile treasures already existing.

Instead of throwing away a memorable clothing that has lost its function to you, take it to the Fountain of Used to give it a new function and create new memories – for you or someone else.

We assure you a greater appreciation of the new clothing when you have witnessed its beautiful rebirth and upbringing.

The fountain of used will give a greater meaning to your clothes and to your shopping experience through meaningful, sustainable and memorable redesign.

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