KOOP - Non Architecture


TEAM: Nusaiba Khan, India – Abhishek Durani, India – Sai Netra Ramesh, India




Celerity. Convenience. Choice.

#walkmorebuymore #koopoholic #instantbuying #smartmatrix #globalbuyer

Today, technology engulfs our being, slowly making humans secondary participants in the clockwork of life. This would lead to spontaneity, convenience and choice, to be taken for granted and human relationships to gain greater value. The facilitation of these values however, will be revolutionised.

We imagine the future of buying as one, where a ‘shop’ is replaced by a “Koop” (meaning buy/small trade) which alongside accessibility and feasibility, provides for privacy and comfort.

Koops are a seamless, city-wide network, integrated into one’s everyday life, positioned at local hotspots like transit stations, crossroads and neighbourhood corners. This network of booths spans across local, national and international scales, making global buying an effortless possibility.

The koops also have various forms and functions—3 kiosk corner koops at building corners at crossroads; 4 kiosk free-standing koops at public places such as transit hubs; and the wall mounted open koops, all serving specific functionalities.

A perfect balance between the precision of AI and the comfort of human interaction, kiosks in koops allow buyers the assistance of professionals to customise their purchase into what suits their needs best. With the entire market available under one booth, the buyer truly, is the king!

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