TEAM: Enzo Vellin, Mauritius


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


One must fully embrace absolute multidisciplinary collaboration in order to achieve one’s self-fulfilment. The infinity of information, technology and data one is exposed to, disturbs the completion of authentic tasks of the human experience. Collapsing Technology and Space allows implicit interactions with the boundlessly growing network of collaborative interfaces.

How does one take any meaningful decision when constantly persuaded by an ever-growing society of strongly controversial intentions?

Individual Mobility Cells allow accidental explorations of uncharted territories. Then and only then, users will be exposed to serendipity and free from subliminal influences.

Accidental Heterotopias are spaces generated every day by their users through data mining for the construction of ephemere intertwining dreams revealing the hidden realities of product making.

Architecture, Technology and Machine Learning fade into the collaborative medium generated by the Heterotopia Clusters striking for ethic and sustainable consumerism.

Situationist’s spectacle will thus be eliminated by one unique multi-disciplinary system constantly destroying and building the components of our Built Environment. Then and only then, will one truly live the smallest unimpaired life experiences building honest cognitive liberty of mind.

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