Gardenfor Growth - Non Architecture

Gardenfor Growth

TEAM: Freya Bruce, British, Glasgow School of Art


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


The Death of Local Business and the High Street

#ShopLocal #ShopHuman #Growth #Exchange #Rebirth

This proposal is intended to be a small intervention to occupy an area that previously hosted a thriving local high street business.

The empty plot will now be turned into a green space that also acts as a delivery depot for drone packages (servicing the increasing number of people purchasing online.)

The drone pods collect and hold local drone deliveries until all ‘seeds’ are full, when the deliveries are released like that of a dandelion, delaying the instant gratification we are so used to with developed delivery services. The remaining space provides a green space for the community to exchange their time for goods in a nod to traditional trade by way of exchange.

Using the funeral service as an example of how local, personal and quick response business still thrives in the modern age, underneath the delivery garden is a candle-lit remembrance crypt for people to honour their loved ones and act as a mausoleum to local business. The crypt should also prompt users to think more carefully about the effects of excessive consumerism when confronted with a more human interaction. The encased cadavers act as compost for the new, thriving garden above.

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