Mallworld - Non Architecture


TEAM: Amrit Seera, United Kingdom, University of Greenwich


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


Hashtags: #mallworld #shopping #mall #experienceeconomy #datenight

Description: “What are you up to this Friday night? How about me, you and a date in Mallworld?”

Mallworld is a study of Popular Culture’s relationship with Architecture, with the Shopping Mall being the Pop Culture Icon of Architecture. Mallworld is a hypothetical future where we all live, work and play in an endless Shopping Mall, we have however evolved from product based consumption to the consumption of ‘Experiences’. Developed from the booming experience economy of the 21st century, with the decline of ‘property ownership’ amongst Millennials, Mallworld’s Homomallin is solely obsessed with collecting experiences and social media memories. Homomallins have developed to survive solely in the conditions presented within a Shopping Mall, 24/7 air conditioned internal climate, limited natural lighting, ample places to sit and have a coffee. Major multi-national corporations that no longer can be survive have capitalised on the Homomallin’s ‘Life Stages’, creating commerce in birth, education, love and death. So come experience a date night in Mallworld: skinny dip in the BUPA canal, enjoy food in the Food Court, all under the pink plastic watchful eye of MallCorp.

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