Memorabilia - Non Architecture


TEAM: Ionescu Andreea Oana, Costea Cristina – Romanian


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


The fun palace of shopping

#e-motional store

#fun palace of shoppping




Shops showcase a wide range of products offering big promises that are not supported by an experiential trial, but the rumour is there actually exists a place like this: You’ve seen a nice pair of shoes in the window of a shop. You go inside and take them into your hands. The seller asks you: Would you like to try them out? You put them on and start walking graciously like you’re on a podium. You feel like it’s the first time you’re analyzing a product in their specific context. The seller: But what if you could engage in different adventures every time you put these shoes on? You have just entered a place where you can test the items, in a playful way, before you buy them. You will have a memorable event that engages you in an inherently personal way and by the end of the day, you will have achieved your experience of the product and not necessarily the product itself. You can configure a product fit for you, based on the collected data and then order it. Space rearranges in a perpetual movement, a new path for a new experience and in fact for an experiment.

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