Nobody Home - Non Architecture

Nobody Home


  1. Chung Hooi, Liew (Malaysian)
  2. Jinyi, Oh (Malaysian)
  3. Hoong Fei, Cheah (Malaysian)
  4. Cul Wei, See (Malaysian)
  5. Qin Ni, Lee (Malaysian)


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


Guaranteed delivery is now a reality!

#delivery #live-streaming #time_precision #no_more #missing_parcels


Delivery services offer online tracking system, but the goods are sometimes marked delivered without you ever receiving it. Sounds frustrating? Definitely. Online shopping though takes only a few easy clicks, but missing parcels are real nightmares.

The revamp of the drone delivery system ‘Nobody Home’ which makes it stand out from the other existing drone deliveries is the implementation of the live streaming tracking procedure. It records and broadcasts the delivery journey to each user, giving users the instant location updates of their goods through their phones.

The highlight of ‘Nobody Home’ is also the ability to select a specific delivery time. You can now have your parcels delivered at your desired time to the highest accuracy of every minute. This seamless delivery process caters to the users’ time flexibility, skipping the tedious waiting process.

With the convenience of ‘Nobody Home’, the delivery process has never been more pleasant!

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