Omnis - Non Architecture



  1. Kristijan Dapcevic, Montenegrin, Politecnico di Milano
  2. Savo Radovic, Montenegrin, Faculty of Architecture – University of Montenegro


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


Make creation your own

#creation #imagination #VR #design #collaboration

You can’t buy true happiness … or time … or life … or health … or love … however, as for everything else, visit Omnis. It is a platform designed to enhance your creating abilities and make your design come to life. It is as simple as hoping into one of the VR capsules and emerging yourself into reality that known no limits. Design, simulate, make changes and finishing touches and place an order while sitting in one space. Advanced virtual reality simulator will bring the product right to you, and allow you to mould it to perfection at your own pace. And you don’t have to do it alone. Connect online with others in creation or do it on your own. Involve your family in creating custom family car or a spouse in designing you mutual dream house. An automated system will find the closest factory to produce the goods, while you just go home, take a cup of tea and wait for the order to arrive. Just make sure that you have enough backyard space for that yacht you have just created … Omnis, where imagination is the only limit (money excluded!).

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