Rolling Stores - Non Architecture

Rolling Stores

TEAM: Elisa Cardinali, Elisabetta Bono


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


Dynamic Shopping

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Tired of the loneliness of online shopping?

Fed up with shopping mall spoiling cities?

Feeling nostalgic of markets as collective moment?

Bored of fake interaction through online reviews of products?

Too lazy to go to an actual shop in the city centre?

No problem!

From now on you don’t have to worry anymore! Shops will come to you! Rolling store is a store unit, that moves on railways like a tram wagon and flexible according to the different needs of the tenant.

Buying becomes part of the city by using the infrastructure, both on urban and suburban scale, in order to activate peripheral areas of towns and regions.

No more residential neighborhood completely isolated from shopping services! During day and night, a little caravan of shops will cheer up streets of your city.

Buying goes back to society, “Rolling stores” is in fact meant as a movable market, providing a wagon shop for each product’s category. Every line follows a route, with actual stops like a tram line, where customers have their time for shopping. Through the app you can check timetables and stops closer to your house!

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