The Solo Shopper - Non Architecture

The Solo Shopper

TEAM: Jamie Cheung – Beth Vince – Canadian – University of Waterloo School of Architect


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition








The Solo Shopper is operated entirely through automation. It is equipped with an interface, called Your Shooper, that is designed to remove the hassle of a typical shopping mall experience. No busy stores or walkways, no stress of being unable to find your size or perfect piece of clothing, no unwanted interactions. Single-user changing cubes make up the majority of the physical building, which is designed for modularity, easily resizeable based on locational demand. All retail stock is housed in the basement, organized, sorted and distributed by robotic arms. Within the cubes, shoppers are provided with a screen – connected to Your Shopper – where they can browse their favourite brands. A 3-D scan is taken of their body, allowing Your Shopper to narrow down stock available to them based on size, as well as allowing the user to virtually try on items. From within the cube, the user can select which items they want delivered to them. These items are collected by the robots and sent up to the shopper, using a track system that runs through the grid of cubes, and a shute in the floor to deliver shoes. Users are able to purchase items then and there, with the option to have Your Shooper ship items to their home. The Solo Shopper caters to those a typical mall does not while integrating the inevitable technological advances of the future.

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