therealcost - Non Architecture


TEAM: Joanna Klimczak, Polish, Poznań University of Technology

Katarzyna Kukiełka, Polish, Poznań University of Technology


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition



We live in times of increasing consumerism, consumption, and environmental pollution. People fooled by commercials and sales are buying more and more items that they either barely use or use not at all. The production of these needless items is slowly destroying the environment through the creation of harmful byproducts and leaching of essential resources needed for life on Earth. If people were more aware of how daily choices affect the environment, (for example, the amount of carbon dioxide released or the amount of water consumed by the production of a pair of shoes) they would be better able to make more environmentally responsible buying decisions. We propose a “scanner” that shows the ecological price paid by the Earth for an item instead of its commercial price paid by humans. The new rising tend of “Free Shopping,” where people can exchange goods for free, fights against consumerism and environmental waste by encouraging recycling and reuse of everyday items. By scanning products in “Free Shopping” locations, consumers can see how responsible choices can help save the planet and prevent an impending environmental disaster caused by humanity.

#consumerism #environment #sourcesusage #freeshopping #zerowaste

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