Breast Milk Machine

Breast milk is the food people eat for the first time, only served by pregnant women. According to the WHO, at least up to 6-month-old infants are recommended to be raised only by breast milk. However, due to changes in the child-rearing environment, breastfeeding is become more difficult.

So we designed a machine that everybody will be able to breast milk. Sticking the injection needle of the machine into the vein and attaching it to the chest make you “mother”. As with the real breast milk, the machine produces milk by filtering blood and taking out the necessary nutrients.

We can support raising healthy children at various families, such as dual-income families, couples raising children by surrogacy, couples of homosexuality raising adopted children. It must be a heartwarming experience that having a baby in your chest and breast feeding.


TEAM: Kazuki TAKAHASHI, Ikumi TANAKA, Kohei HIRANO, Marino TAKEDA – JAPAN – Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering


Delicious cuisine should be supplied to people all over the world as evenly as possible. The railway network which is stretched around the world diffuses widely, keeping the place where people gather easily. How wonderful it would be if you could eat all kinds of delicious cuisine at each of the myriad of stations on the track. When a vehicle with a kitchen arrives at a daily station where people come and go, the spot changes into a restaurant. Now, it is preparing to open tables and chairs. Don’t forget candles, too.Those in the middle of the journey, office workers on the way home, family spending the holidays, everyone is looking forward to opening the restaurant. And another vehicle has come from another place with regional special products. Fish with water tanks, vegetables with farms are loaded on the vehicle, so they are fresh! A collaboration between a skilled chef and the best ingredients is developed in the station and fascinates your tongue.


TEAM: Boyang Li – China – Penndesign, swa group


The restaurant of the moments

Got too much pressure from your work?

Been complained a lot by your partner?

Lost yourself in the struggle of life?

If you ever lost your appetite, come to the restaurant of the moments. Get out from office, home or traffic and have a walk! Feel the earth, landscape, texture of the nature and most importantly, yourself.

Take a look of the golden wheat fields, listen the movement of creeks, smell the fragrance of rain, feel the texture of a forest. We are bringing the special experience that recalling the town where you grew up, the bridge where you proposed to her, the snowing night when you spent with your family.

Our restaurant inspires the customers by sight, hearing, smelling, touching and imagining, help bringing back the customer’s appetite and find their deepest desire of food.


TEAM: Kaito Choy – Asian American


Sharing stories through food

In this day and age we live in, food goes beyond the simple means of nourishment. We now feed not only our stomach but also our mind, an example would be Jiro Ono’s passion for his craft as displayed in Jiro’s Dream of Sushi (Documentary). His dedication inspires and elevates us for a more mindful consumption habit. Undoubtedly, a chef’s inspirations and personality is now moving to the forefront, directly affecting the way we taste. What if we were to take that beyond and connect the chef with the diners? How do we feed beyond our palette and enrich our taste through stories and ideas?

BEYONDTHEPLATES is a new way to better connect the chef and the guests. The diners make a reservation in this restaurant. A program then sifts through the provided social media information of each guests and creates an inspiration feed to inspire the chef. The chef then takes the inspiration forward and design a unique full course menu experience.  During service, each course will be brought to life through the connection that it brings to the guest. Stories, traditions, and passions can then be shared and tasted in the common ground of a dining table.

Mother Earth

TEAM: Mathilde Meurice (Nationality : French,  University : National Superior School of Architecture of Nantes), Victor Donnart (Nationality : French,  University : National Superior School of Architecture of Nantes).


A phantasmagorical but dystopian return to natural roots

Tuesday, January 1st 2984. Devastated by the global warming, the world has turned into an arid desert. The humans, responsible for this disaster, have been transformed into some perpetual travelers. They have conquered several new “worlds” that are the result of the rise of the sea level and the progression of the high technologies. As the story moves on, the Artificial Intelligences are entrusted with the role of ensuring the world’s food production.

Inside “Mother Earth”,which is the only sample of the earth’s golden age, a global ecosystem has grown – a natural version of what we usually call “permaculture”. This huge capsule is cultivated by some clever drones, as humans are moved aside from the production process. The raw production is driven to the “Nourishing Subunits”, a new version of the antique earthenware vases,  where the finished meal is cooked. This raw production is used as much as possible, in a no-waste cycle. The articulated robots inside the capsules are programed to create some various meal, adapted to each person and with a nutritive conscious. A new way of getting food is actualized : an alternative “vending machine”, but creating various social links thanks to some large circular tables.


TEAM: Zuzanna Mariola Gąszczak, Maciej Kwaśniewski – Polish


the taste of heaven at your fingertips 

Our mission is to provide an exceptional dining experience at any time and place. Faster than ever before! We are focused on delivering the highest quality in an explosion of tastes! It is a world-class healthy food experience available worldwide at any given moment.

here is how it works:

The global faSTAR food service provides fresh meals all around the World. We operate several thousand satellites scattered evenly, on the high orbit around the planet Earth. Each one functions individually and can relocate if necessary. A wide variety of different dishes is safely stored within each unit in the temperature around 200ºC below zero in the vacuum of space. The selected and ordered product is shot out on a precisely calculated trajectory. Upon hi-speed entry into the atmosphere of Earth, the friction heats and cooks the product. After a short while, the capsule slows down landing in a precise location selected by our customer – the meal is ready!

in addition:

The system is also useful in a case of emergency as an immediate way of delivering food rations to places of natural cataclysms as well as to the developing countries.

A Table for One

TEAM: Karolina Pajnowska, Polina Moroz – Polish, Ukrainian


Overpopulation? Noisy restaurants? The trouble of cooking and chewing in a crowded environment? Never heard of it — I am in my own bubble.

Precious moments of pleasure result from patient work. In the calamity of everyday life, traveling and hard work the process of preparing food and enjoying it without any kind of distraction became a luxury. Considering the new nomadic way of life, in the moments of spare time while waiting at the airport or a train station, one can indulge in a restaurant where you are your own chef, waiter, and client.

An inflatable structure is docked in a technical base containing all the necessary appliances and installations. A multifunctional table with a fully functioning kitchen, basic choice of food and a variety of tools is rooted in it.

The table is at your service. Simply choose a recipe on an interactive display screen, reach for the relevant products and explore the drawers full of cooking utensils. Your favorite food – prepared, served and consumed just the way you like in a shelter of warmth and privacy. You are the restaurant. Et voila!


TEAM: Hubert Grégoire, Rudolph Eloïse, French, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg


Our promise: Making your daily meals unique.

Simply log into your private account.  All your personal data such as your diet, the food you love, the last things you ate, your grandma’s dishes and many more have been automatically stored in the cloud. This way, if you cannot decide what to eat, Eatsperience will give you suggestions and prepare a customized meal according to your preferences. No more worries and wasted time !

Once your selected dish is prepared, just enjoy your personalized pastry.
Be ready to live this unique food experience through smell, sight, sound and of course, taste through natural brewed flavour*.
New sensations will instantly give you the impression to be sent to far away places and therefore make you travel to India, Japan, Mexico or back to your childhood home!
Our Eatsperience Booths can be found in every place of your daily life, whenever you need it. Some options enable you to easily share your own Eatsperiences on Facebook,
Instagram or Twitter under  #myeatsperience.


*Our product is certified being safe and healthier than food.(salt-, fat- and sugar-free)

A script for dining

TEAM: Jonas Chin – Canadian – University of Waterloo School of Architecture


The process of distilling extraordinary moments from the everyday is an art derived from necessity. Architecture and culinary practices are similar in their frequent and necessary appearances in our daily lives, and constantly invite us to enhance our sense of life through the creation of something beautiful. The design of food elevates a routine into a ritual. The intersection between the four spaces – the context, the kitchen, the table and the body – is what creates the design of the culinary experience. The project consists of three menus. For the chef who is the composer, the concertmaster, and the performer that executes from the preparation to the grand finale. The recipes to the chef are the musical scores to the musician, both containing information of time, tempo, roles, sequence, and movements. For the server the layout of the experience begins with the place setting, and extends to the spatial relationship of the diner with other characters in the performance. For the diner the table is a social machinery that field the tension and drama of a meal and the social order that accompanies it, with the menu presented in clear lettering and should inform the order of service.


TEAM: Andre Bahremand, Danny Ngo, Rhys Griffith – Australian – University of Melbourne


Ambience sold separately

The restaurant typology as we know it is dying. “Tuber” is the future of food distribution, the restaurant and the dining experience.
Following the current trends of food distribution, apps like Uber Eats have begun the to shift the way we consume food. Cuisine is no
longer limited to a physical place. We now have access to an almost endless menu. The proposal takes this simple idea and propels it into
a not-so-distant future where food distribution is a part of a city-wide network. In the past the cuisine has defined the spatial qualities of a
restaurant. Tuber frees the limitations of the restaurant, allowing the ambience to complement the experience rather than the food
defining the spatial qualities. It has been minimised to a module that connects people by an augmented interphase. Consumers now have
access to a limitless menu with limitless backdrops to suit the desired experience. Tuber allows absolute food accessibility connecting
people from across the world to enjoy the simple pleasures of eating a meal with loved ones.

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